AWS “Sets sail” with their first Cruise Line Maintenance Customer.

AWS Lineage PRO cracked ice white panels were approved for use as a VE option for a recent outer deck upgrade project in Florida.  Originally specked with regular FRP, AWS was able to offer Lineage PRO at a more competitive price point.  Price was not the only benefit they were after … the other product benefits, included:

  • no yellowing
  • or color fade over time,
  • no dangerous fibers,
  • a fully recyclable product,
  • the product can be thermoformed to eliminate inside and outside corners and therefore easier for installation with the opportunity to eliminate extra trim pieces

Basically the product is easier, cheaper and faster to install.  The customer was extremely happy and they are currently bidding on a number of other cruise liners advocating the use of AWS Lineage PRO panels as the solution.

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